Lao Niu Academy Third session Hangzhou Station Series (I)

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  On December 3-4, the third session Hangzhou Station of “Thousand People for Charity Initiative - Lao Niu Academy” subsidized by our Foundation and co-sponsored by China Charity Alliance officially started the journey of institution visiting. This visiting journey was led by Chen Dongqing, Secretary General of China Charity Alliance and successively visited Zhejiang Women and Childrens Foundation, Jiuyang Creative Industrial Park, NanSong Gallery and Zhejiang Jack Ma Foundation. The gentle rain in Hangzhou could not stop the enthusiasm of the trainees. Lets have a look at these wonderful moments.

Day 1: the development of philanthropy cant do without quality projects

First Station

  Zhejiang Women and Childrens Foundation  learning about the project mode featuring the enterprise shoulders social responsibility, the general public shoulder health responsibility on their own, social organizations participate in deeply, the government provides guidance and support from all angles and leveraging social forces to participate in social assistance through learning about the Carnation Female Health Care Public Benefit Insurance project and Huanxin Paradise project by Zhejiang Women and Childrens Foundation.

1547261499555497.jpgArrived at Zhejiang Women and Childrens Foundation and started the visiting trip


Second Station


  Joyoung Creative Industrial Park  gained more vivid understanding of the development status of Joyoung through visiting the industrial park. Luo Kefang, Public Welfare Manager of Joyoung Co., Ltd. shared the philanthropic acts, including Hope Kitchen, Food Education Engineering and poverty reduction through industrial development, Joyoung Public Welfare conducted in a dozen of years by implementing three major elements of public welfare health undertaking, cultural inheritance and educational feelings. Meanwhile, he also shared Joyoungs experience in public welfare undertakings: find what the enterprise is good at, find the projects that can be supplied continuously and then work on the projects solidly.

1547261540244076.jpgVisiting Joyoung Creative Industrial Park

Day 2: keep the attitude of public welfare in commercial technique 

First Station

  NanSong Gallery  as a compound complex affiliated to City Express Newspaper Office, NanSong Gallery builds a landmark site for culture and life and new urban symbol with cultural creativity as the core. The sharing session of NanSong Gallery has become a symbolic site for the field of philanthropy in Hangzhou. Many people warmhearted in promoting public good are meeting and exchanging ideas here, generating the spark of ideas. Trainees in the third session also communicated and exchanged in this public welfare + space today.

1547261589133712.jpgJiang Xianzheng, Deputy Editor-in-chief of City Express, introducing the development of the gallery and state of operation

Second Station

  Zhejiang Jack Ma Foundation  this is a foundation personally initiated, donated and established by Jack Ma, Chairman of the Board of Alibaba Group. The foundation focuses on the field of educational development, especially rural education, an important component of Chinas education. In order to help in poverty alleviation through education progress and promote the development of rural education in a more professional and effective way, the foundation has successively conducted Jack ma Rural Teacher Program, Jack Ma Rural Principal Program, Jack Ma Rural Normal School Student Program and Jack Ma Rural Boarding School Program. 

1547261622574388.jpgYu Xiuhong, Executive Secretary General of Zhejiang Jack Ma Foundation, sharing projects and experience

  Through introduction, we learned about the way Jack Ma Foundation do things. The most basic needs are provided by the government and philanthropic organizations need to innovate on this basis both in terms of project excavation or technical issues regarding project management. In terms of project operation, philanthropic organizations need to have deep cooperation with media, make public the process and widely spread the stories of educational workers; philanthropic organizations need to gain the governments support, invite the participation of more enterprises in order to maximize the results, leverage sense of mission to stimulate peoples enthusiasm and motivation and pry social resources. 

1547261650467798.jpgGroup photo of trainees

  Through visiting institutions in these two days, I have experienced the advanced concepts from philanthropic organizations in Zhejiang. All the participating enterprises have mentioned that the more important thing apart from burying ourselves in the projects is to invite more people to join us. In the meantime, they have also profoundly realized the function of platform and will try to pry more resources through building platforms. In addition, the trainees have also benefit a lot from the awareness of sharing, which gives full expression to the spirit of “crowning success does not have to occur during my term”.

  At this point, the part of institution visiting for the third session Hangzhou Station of Lao Niu Academy has come to a conclusion.

  On December 5-7, the third training course for the third session with “charitable inheritance, evergreen family” as the module will be held as scheduled. As the specially invited mentor in this session, Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation, will share on the theme Family Inheritance and Lao Niu Foundation. Please stay tuned.