Party Building Work | Review the History and Look into the Future

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  Recently, party branch of our Foundation conducted party building activity themed Review the History and Look into the Future in Shanghai and Suzhou and organized party members to walk into the birthplace of Chinese Communist Party and look into the history of revolution in Suzhou.


  The site of the 1st National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese Communist Party. The 1st National Congress of the Communist Party of China is an epoch-making event that declared the establishment of Chinese Communist Party. From this time on, the revolution in China has taken on a new look.

  The history of modern Suzhou is a history of struggle in which the pioneers explore the truth of saving the country and the people and take up the positions of the fallen and rise to fight one after another. In the anti-Japanese war period, the New Fourth Army, Jiangkang Troop and partisan troops in the Yangcheng Lake and Taihu Lake regions fought an extremely hard and bitter battle with the enemy and the puppet regime. Many excellent sons and daughters of the party shed their blood on this land, leaving many legendary stories still spreading to this day.


  It is a fine tradition of our party to draw the pioneering wisdom and power from history. History is the true record for the formation, development and rise and fall of a nation and a country. It is an encyclopedia written by our predecessors and a summary of various kinds of knowledge, experience and wisdom of our predecessors. History goes from yesterday to today and to tomorrow. The connection of history cannot be cut off and we are always moving forward on the basis of inheriting the achievements of predecessors. It admits not exception at all times and in all over the world. One of the important reasons for our party to lead Chinese revolution, construction and reform and keep winning over the past 90 years is to pay attention to learning from history and summarizing and utilizing historical experience and be adept in finding the right direction and path for moving forward by constantly recognizing and grasping historical rules.


  For foundation industry with rapid development in recent 10 years, we need to review development history, summarize experiences and look forward to the future; through participating in China Foundation Forum in Suzhou and listening to the summary and prospect on the development of our foundation in recent 10 years by masters in the industry, we will reflect on our historical function in the development of this industry in the context of the industrial revolution under social transformation, firmly establish the leadership of Chinese Communist Party, keep the faith of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, drive party members and leading cadres to study through various ways, improve their ideological and political quality and standard of leadership, and carry on the glorious tradition and fine style of work of the party from generation to generation. I hope we can adhere to the purpose of having grateful hearts and improving oneself by helping others and being responsible for the earth under heaven by nurturing both people and nature and the mission of the environment is fundamental to life, education is fundamental to the nation, and philanthropy is fundamental to society, make more contributions to climate change, ecological restoration and protection, early childhood education, promoting the development of public welfare industry and targeted poverty alleviation, and find the right direction and path for the future development of our foundation.