Dynamics of Management | Director General Lei Yongsheng Invited to Attend 2018 Graduation and Opening Ceremony of China Global Philanthropy Institute

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Site of the ceremony

1547262257136337.jpgGroup photo of the board of directors and management of China Global Philanthropy Institute

  On December 2, the 2018 Graduation and Opening Ceremony of China Global Philanthropy Institute were held in Shenzhen. As a director of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Lei Yongsheng, Director General of our Foundation, was invited to and participated in the event with honored guests including Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Global Philanthropy Institute (former President of China Merchants Bank), Director Wang Jianxi (Director General of Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation), Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Visiting Professor Van Craig Evans (Professor of International Program of Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy), and Special Term Professor Yang Peng (well-known scholar from Harvard University), and 57 graduates, 70 new students, dozens of schoolmates/relatives and friends.

1547262295703311.jpg1547262304394902.jpgKeynote speech by Director General Lei

  During the speeches by specially invited guests, Director General Lei delivered a keynote speech on the popularization and improvement of the concept of philanthropic culture and elaborated the importance of the popularization of philanthropic culture and identification of concept. He emphasized: it is extremely important to implant the concept of philanthropic culture in the inner world of each and every citizen and this should also be the ultimate goal for all public-spirited persons like us. In the future, you will be the leaders in the industry of public good. However, when realizing your dreams, you must pay attention to the communication, popularization, promotion and development of the cultural concept of public welfare. If our philanthropic culture could be as popular as our commercial culture, then we are really in the era of a wealthy and strong country in its true sense.

1547262338361854.jpgAwarding honors to graduates with Director Wang Jianxi (first on the left)


Awarding badge of the institute to new students with President Wang Zhenyao (first on the left)

  Later in the part of Achievement Exhibition and Commendation for Action Plans of the Graduates, Director General Lei and Director Wang Jianxi awarded honors to the graduates together; in the part of badge awarding ceremony for new students, Director General Lei and President Wang Zhenyao awarded the badge of the institute to the new students.