Drops of Love Converge into Ocean | Niu Gensheng Awarded the 13th Compassion Award

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Niu Gensheng, Founder and Honorary President of our Foundation, was awarded the 13th Compassion Award

“Drops of love converge into ocean”. The award ceremony of the 13th 2018 Compassion Award, sponsored by HK & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund and co-sponsored and produced by Phoenix Satellite Television, was solemnly held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wan Chai on December 19. Good-hearted people from all walks of life in four regions across the straights cooperated in the grand occasion together and exchanged philanthropic experience. Niu Ben, Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, and An Yaqiang, Secretary General of our Foundation, attended this event on behalf of Mr. Niu Gensheng.

640.pngSpeech by Liang Aishi, Chairman of the Final Review Committee of the Compassion Award


He Daguang, Executive Vice President of Phoenix Satellite Television, and Wang Zhenyao, Dean of Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute, presented the award to Niu Gensheng (collected by Niu Ben)

Acceptance speech by Niu Gensheng

Niu Gensheng:

As an orphan born in a needy family, Niu Gensheng started as a cattle raiser and bottle washer and leaped to a leader in the dairy industry in China. However, he donated family assets, faded out of the business circle when he was still young and strong in the golden age of his business, immersed himself in public welfare undertakings, and established Lao Niu Foundation in 2004. At that time, he was the first entrepreneur doing charity in the way of donating shares and was honored by media as The First One in the World to Donate Shares. Under his gradual influence, all the family members got involved in philanthropy and were rated as Model of Strategic Philanthropy in China. His foundation has cumulatively established cooperation with 170 institutions and organizations and conducted 231 charitable projects, covering China, USA, Canada, France, Denmark, Nepal, Africa and other places, with 1.36 Billion Yuan philanthropic spending. He is dedicated to exploring the philanthropic path of the globalization of philanthropy and the internationalization of projects. 


Niu Ben, Founder and Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation


Recipients of the 13th Compassion Award (from left to right)

Niu Ben (collect for his father), Jian Wenxiu, Chen Rongji, Jiang Songhua, Lin Zhiling, Ling Feng, Cai Haibing


When being interviewed and asked about the most important thing in doing charity, Niu Ben mentioned: the most important thing in charity is to care for both the beginning and the end. Caring for the end means to care for the results. The most common mistake in doing good things is having the reason without having the result and doing well at the beginning and bad at the end.


Compassion Award


Established by HK & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund in 2006, the Compassion Award promotes loving heart, encourages well doing, praises models of goodhearted people, and improves positive energy in the society. Since its inception, Compassion Award has attracted broad attention from four regions across the straights. In the future, Compassion Award will be further expanded to the Chinese all over the world and select kindhearted people from all over the world.

Niu Ben

Niu Ben is the Director General of Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, member of the founding family of Lao Niu Foundation and Honorary Director General of Guiyang Seiwajyuku. Starting from 2012, Niu Ben has been taking care of the environmental protection projects of Lao Niu Foundation and has donated USD 6 Million to The Nature Conservancy through Lao Niu Foundation. In March 2015, Niu Ben and his younger sister Niu Qiong jointly initiated Laoniu Brothers & Sisters Foundation, which aims at paying close attention to the growth and development of the next generation and further expanding the charitable cause of the family. In 2015, Niu Ben joined “Global Philanthropy Leaders Program”. In 2016, Niu Ben was awarded Philanthropic Leader with the Most Potential by East-West Philanthropy Forum. In 2016 and 2017, Niu Ben received China Philanthropic Person award in succession. In 2018, Niu Ben was awarded the title of Philanthropic Person of the Year by Action League of Phoenix Satellite Television.