Dynamics of China Coastal Wetland Conservation Network | Bird Watching at Caofeidian Wetland

DATA:2018-12-24  Views:60

In order to better promote the conservation and management of coastal wetland, our Foundation cooperated with Paulson Institute and the Department of Wetland Management of National Forestry and Grassland Administration (former Office of Wetland Conservation and Management, State Forestry Administration) and jointly initiated China Coastal Wetland Conservation Network in 2015. The network aims at organizing and implementing extensive exchange and cooperation, building cooperation and exchange platform for improving the overall efficiency of coastal wetland conservation and management in China, sharing best practices among members of the network, and promoting concerted and coordinated conservation actions and information sharing.

As a coastal wetland covered by China Coastal Wetland Network, Caofeidian Wetland in Hebei Province had also faced the risk of reclamation. With the joint efforts from all parties, Caofeidian Wetland has received good protection. Lets have a close look at the beauty here at Caofeidian Wetland through the video below.