Lao Niu Foundation Held the Fourth Session 7th Board Meeting

DATA:2022-03-15  Views:7

On March 18th, the fourth session 7th board meeting of the Foundation (online meeting) has been held. The meeting was chaired by President Lei Yongsheng. Director Wang Yonghong, An Yaqiang, Li Lu, Zhang Hongyan, SaRen Tuoya, Zhao Guanjun, Niu Ben and Niu Qiong attended the meeting.


At the meeting, nine topics were heard, discussed and adopted, including the "Report on the Work of the Secretariat in 2021", "Main Work Plan in 2022", "Final Financial Accounts Report in 2021" and "Financial Budget Report in 2022".

Niu Gensheng, founder and honorary president, attended the meeting, and he also reviewed, sorted out, summarized and prospected the work of the Foundation. Founding family members Shen Shuxiang and Chen Xiaopeng, head of Yu Qing family Office Yang Pinyan and some staff of the Foundation also attended the meeting.