Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation continues to participate in ecological protection

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Inner Mongolia Lao Niu  Foundation continues to participate in ecological protection.  Since 2010, Lao Niu Foundation has donated more than 484 million yuan and supported 39 projects to carry out ecological protection and restoration, cope with climate change and protect critical habitats.

In 2015, China Green Carbon Foundation and Lao Niu Foundation jointly supported the ecological protection and restoration of Chongli Competition area and its surrounding areas in Zhangjiakou, where the Beijing Winter Olympics has been held. The project team decided to retain natural subalpine meadow vegetation in an area between 1800 and 1900 meters above sea level; the degraded land between the upper edge of farmland at an altitude of 1300 meters and the lower edge of sub-alpine meadow at an altitude of about 1800 meters will be taken as the ecological protection and restoration area. The afforestation density will be moderately reduced, and the natural force will be used as much as possible to restore the vegetation combined with grass, irrigation and vegetation. Lao Niu Foundation donated more than 70 million yuan to support the early planning and implementation of the project.


Thanks to the reduction of afforestation density, the adoption of local suitable tree species, Pinus sylvestris and Pinus tabulaeformis, and the use of fish-scale pit land preparation, the disturbance of native vegetation were reduced as much as possible, and the vegetation of the project site began to recover naturally in the next year.  With the implementation of the project, the biodiversity of the project area has been significantly improved, and the ecological landscape of grass, irrigation and Joe has gradually emerged, and the trend of ecosystem degradation has been reversed.


As early as in 2010, Lao Niu Foundation began to explore the regional ecological restoration solution, in cooperation with the China Green Carbon Sink Foundation, the Forestry and Grassland Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the Nature Conservancy, the first forestry carbon sequestration project--the Shengle International Ecological Demonstration Zone Forestry carbon sequestration Project in Horinger, Inner Mogolia, which is arid and semi-arid areas of northern China, it has restored and rebuilt forest vegetation, it also continued to carry out ecosystem and biodiversity monitoring.

Now, the planning method and specific practice of this project have become a well-known typical case of ecological protection and restoration in arid and semi-arid areas at home and abroad. In 2021, it was selected into the "Biodiversity 100+" case of the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.


Over the years, Lao Niu Foundation has been working with partners at home and abroad to continuously support the construction of social public welfare protected areas.  In 2011, Lao Niu Foundation donated 9000,000   to jointly launch Sichuan West Nature Foundation (Now named The Paradise Foundation) with more than 10 donors, supporting the construction of the first batch of public welfare protected areas, including Laohegou.


In 2020, Haikou Wuyuanhe Wetland Protection Area was constructed completely, which is the first protection area of wetland type supported by Lao Niu Foundation in China.  The Foundation also vigorously promotes wetland conservation strategies and priority actions in the Yellow River Basin, supports strategic research on conservation and management of important coastal wetlands in China, and promotes the establishment of a coastal wetland conservation network.

While supporting ecological protection and restoration projects, Lao Niu Foundation actively supported the carbon neutral pilot demonstration of the conference. Since 2011, Lao Niu Foundation has helped the annual meeting of China Green Companies achieve carbon neutrality for more than 10 years through public donations.  In 2016, the Foundation made a joint donation with partners to support the G20 Hangzhou Summit to achieve carbon neutrality.  In 2021, China participated in supporting the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to achieve carbon neutrality