Lao Niu Foundation Held the Fourth Session 8th Board Meeting

DATA:2022-07-21  Views:16

On March 18th, the fourth session 8th board meeting of the Foundation (online meeting) has been held. The meeting was chaired by President Lei Yongsheng. Vice president Wang Yonghong, secretary-general An Yaqiang, director Li Lu, Zhang Hongyan, SaRen Tuoya, Zhao Guanjun, Niu Ben and Niu Qiong and supervisor Zhang Wulong attended the meeting; Honorary President Mr. Niu Gensheng, and Yang Pinyan from the family office also presented the meeting.


 At the meeting, the participants listened to, discussed and deliberated 2 proposals and 2 announcements. At last, Mr. Niu Gensheng, the founder and honorary president, communicated and guided the work.