The 23rd Lao Niu Philanthropy Class was held

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On August 12th, the 23rd Lao Niu Philanthropy Class was held online.


This activity was strongly supported by the Inner Mongolia Civil Affairs Department (Social Organization Administration Bureau, Charity Promotion and Social Work Department), and mobilized various social organizations (non-governmental organizations, foundations, societies) in Inner Mongolia to participate in the linkage. More than 12,000 people from 467 organizations from Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Henan, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan and other regions, public interest partners concerned with the development of social organizations and innovation in social governance, and some staff members of the Foundation all participated in the study and exchange.




Zhang Qiang, Director of the Risk Governance Innovation Research Center of Beijing Normal University, Professor/doctoral Supervisor of the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Director of the United Nations Development Programme and China Risk Governance Innovation Project Laboratory, and Executive Deputy Director of the Disaster Relief Committee of the China Charity Federation, shared the "underlying logic of Social Organizations' Participation in Social Governance Innovation". From the four aspects of "the foundation of participation, the framework of collaboration, the paradigm of innovation, and the key points of action", the paper deeply analyzes the cognition of innovation strategy and the path of practical action of social organization's participation in social governance.



Building blocks of participation

Delivery awareness of public service. What kind of service should be delivered by social organizations is the starting point of social organizations' participation, and also the basic issue of the formation of social governance innovation pattern.


Collaborative architecture

The construction cognition of cooperation pattern. What kind of cooperative relationship should social organizations establish with government departments, private enterprises and other social organizations is the core issue for social organizations to participate in social governance innovation.


Innovation paradigm

Systematic cognition of social innovation. What kind of innovation is needed in the high-quality development pattern in the new era will be an important issue to explore the path of social organization participation in social governance innovation.


Main points of action

Strategic awareness of the practice path. How social organizations can act and be effective in the field of practice will be a key issue for social organizations to participate in social governance innovation in an orderly, powerful and effective way.


The Social Organization Administration of the Civil Affairs Department of the autonomous region recently held the 2022 Social Organization Promotion Conference. In this period of the activity, through preheating promotion, multi-party interaction, exchange and Q&A, social organizations in all regions had a deep understanding of the underlying logic of participating in social governance, and enhanced the cognition of innovative strategic thinking and practical action path. The project activity of Lao Niu Philanthropy Class is an effective action to promote the work of social organizations in the whole area, and also to promote the cooperation between social organizations to establish a bridge.