Prosperity| "Vision Recovery" social public welfare activities was added the new glory

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The Inner Mongolia "Vision Recovery" social public welfare activities jointly initiated by Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation, Inner Mongolia Guangcai Cause Promotion Association, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Red Cross Society and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Poverty Alleviation Foundation, was won the first "Inner Mongolia Charity Award", which adding a new honor to "Vision Recovery"!

The “Vision Recovery”social welfare activities also won the sixth Collective Special Award for "Moving People in Inner Mongolia", the "Only Special Contribution Award" in Asia, the most Influential Project of the "China Charity Award", and the Gold Medal of the China Charity Project Competition. The Publicity Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region awarded the Charitable group of  “Vision Revovery” as the title of "Model in Northern Xinjiang". Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation and its team members were awarded the advanced collective and advanced individual respectively.


In order to provide effective treatment for poor cataract patients, since 2013, Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation has donated a total of 11.5 million yuan to Hohhot Red Cross Society and Chaoju Eye Hospital (Group). In cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Guangcai Cause Promotion Association and the Red Cross Society of the Autonomous Region, the Inner Mongolia Vision recovery Action has been launched (Treatment of poor cataract patients of Lao Niu project), and provided free restoration operations for poor cataract patients in the region. At the same time, the "Adolescent Eye Health Action" has been expanded. With the support of the Department of Education, the Department of Finance, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Health Commission, the Inner Mongolia Guangcai Foundation, the Inner Mongolia Medical Association and other departments, the medical team traveled 1,343,500 kilometers, covering 10,590 rural communities in 12 league cities of the region. More than 1.04 million patients with eye diseases have been screened, and 33,413 poor cataract patients have received free surgery, with a success rate of 100 percent.


Recently, the award ceremony of " Kindness and Sincere Ambition -- the First Inner Mongolia Charity Award" was successfully held in Hohhot City. The first "Inner Mongolia Charity Award" was awarded by the Civil Affairs Department of the autonomous region to 28 caring individuals, caring teams, charity projects and donation enterprises. Qibatu, Vice chairman of the Autonomous region attended the ceremony and presented awards. Yang Fengyi, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice President of the Red Cross Society of the autonomous Region attended the ceremony.


Inner Mongolia "Vision recovery" social public welfare activities won the first "Inner Mongolia Charity Award" (charity project). Mengke Baoyin, member of the Party leadership group and vice president of the Red Cross Society of the Autonomous Region, accepted the award on behalf of the organizing committee of "Vision Recovery".



"Vision Recovery" social welfare activity project honorary trophy and certificate


The "Vision Recovery" social welfare activities explored a mature public welfare model, generated a good social response, and achieved the social effect of "one person restored, giving happiness to one family, and the benefit of one area".