Lao Niu Foundation was invited to attend the Chinese corner of COP27

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The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) will conclude on November 18 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Lao Niu Foundation was invited to participate in the Chinese corner meeting of COP27 on November 17. The theme of the side session was "Nature-based Solutions for Collaborative Climate and Biodiversity Governance". The meeting aims to share with domestic and foreign enterprises, think tanks, universities, research institutions and international organizations China's achievements in ecological protection and restoration, forest and grass response to climate change and biodiversity protection, focusing on the stage results and typical cases of nature-based solutions promoting collaborative governance of climate and biodiversity. It provides new ideas and new directions for how to promote the full cooperation of the government, social organizations, enterprises, industries and the public at home and abroad to achieve the synergistic effect of addressing climate change and biodiversity conservation.


At the roundtable forum entitled "China's Action for Social Organizations to Promote NbS and Climate and Biodiversity Synergy". An Yaqiang, Secretary-General of Lao Niu Foundation; Wang Limin, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the Yangtze River Conservation Foundation; Shi Xiangying, Executive Director of the Shanshui Nature Conservation Center; Peng Kui, Program Director of the Institute for Sustainable Global Environment; Sugar M. Gonzales, Climate Program Officer of the Asian Development Bank; Xie Duanduan, Climate Program Manager of WildAid; Zeng Nan, director of the conservation program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), participated in the discussion. An Yaqiang took the Lao Niu ecological restoration and protection project as an example to share. This paper introduces the three stages of project implementation: how to carry out standardized and quantitative evaluation according to the NbS global standards, scientific and systematic planning and design, as well as the project management mode of using nature-based technology program implementation and community empowerment. He also mentioned the dynamic balance between nature, society and economy, as well as the integration of diversified resources. Other guests in the segment gave their opinions on the theme.


Biodiversity loss and climate change are two environmental crises facing the world. They are closely related in their causes and need to be addressed in a coordinated and systematic way. In the future, Lao Niu Foundation will continue to contribute to biodiversity conservation and climate change.