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Laoniu Winter Olympics CGCF Forest” Project Has Comprehensively Started


On September 29, the Comprehensive Start Conference of “Laoniu Winter Olympics CGCF Forest” project, hosted by the State Forestry Administration, directed by the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee, and undertaken by China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF), was held in Beijing. Nearly 100 people attended the conference, including Liu Dongsheng (the State Forestry Administration Deputy Director), Liu Shuren (Afforestation and Greening Management Division Inspector), Yin Shuguo (Beijing Winter Olympic Committee General Planning Department Deputy Director), Du Yongsheng (China Green Carbon Foundation President), Liu Fengting (Hebei Provincial Forestry Department Vice Director), Yan Wanglin (Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s Government Vice Mayor), An Yaqiang (Deputy Secretary-General of our foundation), and many media representatives.


Conference Site


Speech of Liu Dongsheng, Deputy Director of the State Forestry Administration


In the conference, Deputy Director Liu Dongsheng emphasized: “planning and constructing Laoniu Winter Olympics CGCF Forest project is an innovative event, which requires cooperation of national forestry authorities, local governments, charitable organizations and all sectors of society. We must implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions of ‘adhering to green Olympics, sharing Olympics, open Olympics, and clean-fingered Olympics to ensure the Beijing Winter Olympics as a wonderful, extraordinary, excellent Olympic event’; Lao Niu Foundation has donated 74.38 million Yuan for this project, and plans high-standard afforestation of over 30,000 mu round the Olympic Game venues in Chongli District of Zhangjiakou as well as along the highways of Chicheng and Huailai Counties. The funding scale and project scale rank among the top in the charitable carbon sequestration afforestation and ecological restoration projects in recent years”.


Speech of Yin Shuguo, Deputy Director of Beijing Winter Olympic Committee General Planning Department


Deputy Secretary-General An Yaqiang Represented Our Foundation for Donation, President Du Yongsheng of China Green Carbon Foundation Accepted the Donation


Chongli Project Area


The project will have about 2.3 million trees planted, which, as expected in the crediting period of next 30 years, will absorb about 380,000 tons of carbon dioxide. It will provide a large number of employment opportunities for the local community and raise the income level of the local population. It also has important demonstration significance in improving economic and social development and ecological environment co-governance in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and makes positive contribution for the global climate change.