Bethune Family Visited Niu Gensheng Family and Lao Niu Foundation

DATA:2017-10-07  Views:127

On October 1 to 3, Warren Calvin Bethune, family representative of the great internationalist fighter Norman Bethune, president of Canada-China Friendship Associations Toronto Branch, came to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia with his wife Pei Weitao on behalf of the Canadian Bethune family to visit Niu Gensheng Family and Lao Niu Foundation.


Accompanied by Mr. Niu Ben (Niu family’s representative, son of Mr. Niu Gensheng, council member of our foundation, Director of Beijing Lao Niu B&S Foundation), Ms. Wang Yonghong (council member of our foundation, Administration Director), and Mr. An Yaqiang (Deputy Secretary-General), the Bethune family visited Mengniu factory / living area, our foundation’s environmental protection / education project area, and office area; and they had a conversation with Mr. Lei Yongsheng, our foundation’s Executive Director and Secretary-General in the headquarters. The two families’ representatives and our foundation’s management team had an in-depth exchange.