The 11th Session of 3rd Lao Niu Foundation Board of Directors was Held in Hong Kong 2018-03-07 Lao

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On the morning of March 5, the 11th Session of 3rd Board of Directors of our Foundation was Held in Hong Kong.


Participants in the session deliberated and adopted 4 proposals including 2017 Secretariat Work Report, 2017 Financial Statement Report, Notification on the Development of Institutional Culture, and Notification on Asset Allocation in 2017.


Among the 3rd Board, Directors (ranked by surname strokes) Ms. Wang Yonghong, Mr. Niu Ben, Ms. Wu Shihong, Mr. Zhang Hongyan, Mr. Zhang Xingsheng, Mr. Shen Xia, Mr. Li Lu, Ms. Sarentuoya, Mr. Lei Yongsheng, and Supervisor Yang Yuhong had their terms expired.