[Secretary-General’s News] Participation in “Mission of Treasure in Goodness Economic Era” Brainstor

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10-31-2017 Lao Niu Foundation 



On October 28, our foundation’s Executive Director and Secretary-General Lei Yongsheng participated in “Mission of Treasure in Goodness Economic Era” Brainstorming Sessions in Six Cities jointly organized by CGPI and Taiping Life Insurance Co. Ltd upon invitation with other public charity fraternities, including Professor Zi Zhongjun (former Director and Doctoral Supervisor with IAS, CASS), Lu Dezhi (Chairman with Huamin Charity Foundation), Ai Luming (Chairman with Wuhan Donde Group and the first Vice-Chairman with Alxa SEE Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology) , Dong Fangjun (entrepreneur, philanthropist, CGPI GPL student), Yang Bo (founder of “Yuan Heng Li” Hardwood Furniture), and Chen Yongjie (Vice-President of  Dacheng Enterprise Research Institute).


Professor Wang Zhenyao, CGPI President, and Ni Bo, General Manager of Head Office Personal Business Department, Taiping Life Insurance Co. Ltd, gave speeches for the session; Professor Wang Zhenyao delivered a keynote speech of “Goodness Economic Era and Family Inheritance” at the roundtable forum, Secretary-General Lei shared and discussed the topic of “charity for family inheritance” with Professor Wang Zhenyao, Lu Dezhi, Dong Fangjun, Yang Bo, Chen Yongjie and other guests. After the lunch exchange, Professor Zi Zhongjun gave a keynote speech of “The Enlightenment of American Fortune Families for Goodness to Chinese Family Wealth”, and Ai Luming gave a keynote speech of “Entrepreneurship in Goodness Economic Era”.