Lao Niu Environment Fund of Tsinghua University

    “Lao Niu Environment Fund of Tsinghua University” project: at the end of 2011, Lao Niu Foundation donated 5 million RMB to cooperate with Tsinghua University Education Foundation to set up “Lao Niu Environics International Exchange Fund”, which is now renamed as “Lao Niu Environment Fund of Tsinghua University”. This project adopts the operating model of “capital preservation & interest for use” to continuously subsidize outstanding talents majored in environics for international learning and exchange activities. In 2016, our Foundation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with School of Environment and made an additional donation of 5 million RMB, expecting to further support the development of international class and promote Tsinghua-Yale Double Master Degree and teachers with School of Environment to conduct cutting-edge research projects. So far, Lao Niu Environment Fund of Tsinghua University has accumulatively funded 36 students of global international class for international exchanges.