Assistance in construction of “Gensheng Philanthropic Primary School”

      Assistance in construction of “Gensheng Philanthropic Primary School”: after Pu’er earthquake in Yunnan in 2007, the school building in Mengxian Township, Ning’er County was seriously damaged. To solve the school problems for local children and improve the backward education and teaching resources, our Foundation donated 500,000 for reconstruction. Named “Gensheng Philanthropic Primary School” of Xuande Village, this school created comfortable learning environment and a good living atmosphere for more than 350 teachers and students.

1496459352131466.jpg1496459352137163.jpg       During the revisit for this project, our Foundation’s Secretary-General Lei Yongsheng and Administrative Director Wang Yonghong personally donated funds to the school to buy books. In addition, our Foundation accumulatively donated 500,000 RMB to set up the “Gensheng Philanthropic Scholarship and Grants” in the way of “capital preservation & interest for use”, having accumulatively helped more than 400 students with excellent quality and students from poverty-striken families.