Lao Niu Class of Life

     “Lao Niu Class of Life” project: aiming at the frequent occurrence of global natural disasters and emergencies as well as the need for quality education for Chinese youth and the active promotion of national policies, since 2011 our Foundation has been cooperating with RCSC National Training Center and Red Cross Society of China Inner Mongolia Branch respectively to carry out “Lao Niu Class of Life” project in elementary and middle schools in 10 provincial (autonomous region) capitals as well as 43 colleges and 24 high schools in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to provide training of first-aid teachers, knowledge popularization of first-aid and emergency and disaster protection, Red Cross youth summer camp, disaster prevention escape exercise and other activities, aiming to continuously improve teachers and students’ awareness of disaster prevention as well as self-help and rescue skills. Since the project was launched, there have been accumulatively 124 benefited schools, directly benefiting more than 430,000 person-times. The project has won “2012 Philanthropy in China Annual Model Award for Public Welfare Project”.