Lao Niu I-Fly Rural Education Project

    “Lao Niu I-Fly Rural Education Project” is a social public welfare project that our Foundation jointly established with Beijing Yongyuan Foundation for the status quo of rural education in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, planning to have the total investment of 7.7 million RMB, in which our Foundation donates 3 million RMB and Beijing Yongyuan Foundation supported a total of 2.2 million RMB (including public welfare resources of equal value), and for the remaining 2.5 million RMB, both parties will give full play to their advantages and integrate local government, education bureau, and benevolent enterprises to raise social resource collection for the project.

     The project is for the rural teachers in the national-level poverty-stricken banners and counties within Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is annually held, conducting routine training of about 150 front line village teachers (the specific quantity will be negotiated and determined by the funds/resources raised by the two parties) in each phase, expecting to set targeted course lectures and arrange model school with excellent quality education concepts for visit and exchange as well as experiential urban cultural education to help rural teachers broaden their horizons, update educational concepts, enrich educational materials, and enhance their self-learning motives and capabilities. Meanwhile, the project is open to the public and takes all-volunteer operation and implementation model, expecting to influence participation of more governmental and social resources to finally achieve the overall upgrading of the quality of rural teachers so that children in remote villages can also receive quality education like urban children.

       So far, this project has been successfully held in two phases, having trained a total of over 280 teachers. The training results have directly or indirectly benefited more than 2,000 teachers in the same school / school district, affecting more than 10,000 students in the countryside.