East-West Charity Forum

     East-West Charity Forum: in 2013, our Foundation donated 500,000 USD to initiate the first East-West Charity Forum with East-West Center, Huamin Charity Foundation, and China Philanthropy Research Institute, committed to building a global charity “Davos”  - the world’s highest-level unofficial charity forum with the spirit of “promoting the concept of wealth sharing, enhancing the sense of leadership responsibility, exploring a harmonious development path, and expanding the scope of East-West cooperation” to gather the world’s most influential philanthropists and business leaders, gather global modern charity concepts, and lead the development and exchange of global charity strategies.


      Our Foundation would donate 500,000 USD annually to East-West Charity Forum in the next five years from 2017 to support the forum to become a permanent global high-end leadership forum that is dedicated to multi-cooperation and focuses on the most pressing social issues in the world.