Treatment for Patients with Cataracts

     Treatment for Patients with Cataracts is a part of precise poverty alleviation efforts of our Foundation. Early in 2013, our Foundation initiated Treatment for Patients with Cataracts (Phase I), having achieved good social effects and also explored a mature cooperation model.

1482804293380228.jpg       To help more poverty-striken cataract patients to see the light again, in 2015, our Foundation donated 6 million RMB, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Finance supported 10 million RMB, Red Cross Society of China Inner and Mongolia Branch supported 4 million RMB to ally Inner Mongolia Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Inner Mongolia Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, and Chao Ju Ophthalmic Hospital Group, etc. to carry out Inner Mongolia “Walking Towards Brightness” social welfare activity (i.e., Treatment for Patients with Cataracts Phase II). In the past three years, under the advocacy and support of the Autonomous Regional Government as well as the joint efforts of all the initiators, the surgical medical team spent 23 month going through 12 cities, 103 banners and counties, 842 subdistrict offices, and 6,223 communities to set up 2,025 screening sites. The medical team travelled 416,500 kilometers, screened  339,304 person times of patients with eye diseases, and conducted free sight rehabilitating surgeries for 15,015 poverty-striken cataract patients in the region, achieving the goal of “I can see” for all cataract patients in the region. The project has truly achieved the effect of “sight rehabilitation for one person, happiness for one family, and benefit for one place”, playing an important role in advancing accurate poverty alleviation strategies, safeguarding the health and well-being of people in difficult situations, enhancing ethnical unity and progress, and promoting social harmony and stability. By integrating more social resources, this project has solved the problem of poverty in society to the largest extent and made due contribution to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region! “Walking Towards Brightness” social welfare activity has had a wide range of impacts at home and abroad, winning the 6th “Role Model Touching Inner Mongolia” Special Award and awarded “Sole Special Contribution Award” in Asian region by Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness.


       Our Foundation has donated 10 million RMB to support post-disaster reconstruction for Ya’an earthquake, and has successively supported disaster resistance, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction projects in Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Ludian earthquake, ice and snow disaster in the south, drought in southwest, and natural disasters in Nepal and Tibet, etc.