Lao Niu Bridge

    “Lao Niu Bridge” is a public welfare project that our Foundation set up in 2011. Jointly organized by our Foundation as well as China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Red Cross Society of China Inner Mongolia Branch, Red Cross Society of Pu’er City, Charity Federation of Shaanxi Province, Loudi Charity Federation and other organizations, it is a livelihood project that benefits the people. This project provides funds for the underdeveloped areas in China to help build rural bridges for the convenience of the people, and solves the “final kilometer” problem in rural road construction to improve the poor traffic environment in poverty-striken areas, effectively solve problems such as local travel difficulties and children’s difficulties in attending school. So far, a hundred rural bridges have been built remote poverty-striken villages nationwide, directly benefiting more than 180,000 people.