Lao Niu Relief Fund for Impoverished Mothers

     Since 2012, our Foundation has been cooperating with China Population Welfare Foundation to launch “Lao Niu Relief Fund for Impoverished Mothers” project. The first stage of this project is divided into 5 phases with each lasting for 3 years. Our Foundation donates 1 million RMB in each phase and local finance supports with equal value; accurately focuses on impoverished mothers in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia to provide them with “public-welfare small interest-free loan” to select breeding, planting, production and processing of agricultural and sideline products and other projects with “little investment, small risk, and quick effect” accordingly; and use capital circulation to help more and more impoverished families to achieve prosperity through labor. At present, the second stage of this project has started successively. So far, this project has accumulatively set up 11 project sites in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and assisted 696 impoverished mothers, directly benefiting nearly 3,000 people. This project has won Top 100 Project Award of the 6th China Public Welfare Project Contest.