Lao Niu Disaster Resistance, Disaster Relief and Post-Disaster Reconstruction

(1) “Gensheng Philanthropic Home”

       At 14:28:04 on May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck Wenchuan and Beichuan in Sichuan. Jiangyou City, located in the northwest of Sichuan Basin, became a hard-hit area. 394 people died, 43 people were missing, and nearly 20,000 were injured; buildings collapsed and all roads and bridges were destroyed with economic losses amounting to 57.2 billion RMB; 340,000 people became homeless, and nearly 200,000 urban residents stayed in the open.

      For this, our Foundation donated 5.6 million RMB for the construction of “Gensheng Philanthropic Home” to help with assistance to the elderly, orphans’ study, orphans and disabled rehabilitation and psychological intervention.

     In January 2010, “Gensheng Philanthropic Home” in Yueai Village, Taiping Township, Jiangyou City was completed, and 100 people who had lost all families regained homey warmth.

     “Gensheng Philanthropic Home” covers an area of 4,200 square meters with the building area of 1,683 square meters, supporting 44 elderly without families, 16 disabled without families, and 40 orphans.

(2) Yushu Earthquake Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Lao Niu Warmth Pack Project

       On April 14, 2010, Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province suffered severe earthquake disaster. Our Foundation donated 500,000 RMB to Red Cross Society of China Inner Mongolia Branch for post-disaster reconstruction on April 17th of that year; and later donated 100,000 RMB to distribute Lao Niu warmth packs to 100 families in the disaster-stricken area through China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

(3) Ya’an Feixian Village’s New Village Settlement Construction Project

       On April 20, 2013, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya’an. About 2.184 million people were affected 196 people were killed, 2 were missing, and 14,785 were injured in 32 counties (cities, districts) in Sichuan Province. In the Lushan earthquake-stricken area, houses, roads, ditches and other facilities in Feixian Village were seriously damaged.

       In order to rebuild and improve infrastructures in the areas and support the construction of new village and industrial development in Feixian Village, Lao Niu Foundation implemented assistance right after the earthquake and donated 10 million RMB to support the construction of Lushan Feixian Village’s new village settlement. This would be specially used for Phase I construction in Feixianguan-Beichang road while improving the lighting facilities, pipeline projects, greening projects and other ancillary facilities at the same time.

     At present, Phase I construction in Beichang Town has been completed and accepted. The road surrounds Gudaomuyun and Qingqiangshuizhai residential settlements with public supporting service facilities, and connects two major economic traffic arteries of G351 and S210, greatly promoting industry development and transportation network construction in Feixianguan Town.

1496456064336250.jpg(4) Post-Disaster Reconstruction Project for Tongliao Earthquake in Inner Mongolia

       At 17:11 on April 22, 2013, a magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurred in the Horqin Left Back Banner, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

      In order to fundamentally change the difficult situation of people’s production and life caused by the disaster, in conjunction with the construction of new countryside, our Foundation donated 1 million RMB specifically for the post-disaster reconstruction project in Xinshengtun Village, Ganqika Town, Horqin Left Back Banner to support reconstruction of residential houses.

(5) Post-Disaster Reconstruction Project for Ludian Earthquake in Yunnan

      At 16:30 on August 3, 2014, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. A total of 328 schools were damaged and 134 houses collapsed, causing major casualties and property losses. Among these, Jiangdi Elementary School and Xinchong Elementary School suffered serious damage to their classroom buildings during the earthquake, and over 500 teachers and students became unable to have classes as usual.

      To resume classes for local teachers and students and effectively improve the learning environment for them. Lao Niu Foundation implemented aid right after the earthquake and donated 5 million RMB to the disaster-stricken area for the construction of Jiangdi “Gensheng Primary School” and Xinchong “Gensheng Primary School”.

      So far, Jiangdi “Gensheng Primary School” and Xinchong “Gensheng Primary School” have been completed and put in use.


(6) Post-Disaster Reconstruction One Fairyland Project for Nepal and Tibet Earthquake

       On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. This is the largest earthquake in Nepal in recent 80 years, causing 9,451 deaths and 17,838 injuries.

       At 17:17 on the same day, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred in Dingri County of Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, causing nearly 300,000 people in 14 counties of Shigatse and Ngari to suffer various degrees of damage. 25 people were killed, 4 were missing, 383 were injured; 2,511 houses collapsed, 24,797 houses were damaged in various degrees, and 82 temples were damaged. Among these, Nyalam, Jilong, Dingri and other counties in Shigatse suffered severe damage.

      The situation of children in earthquake-stricken areas was very urgent and they need emergency aid. After the disaster, some children became homeless; kids could not got to school as it had been destroyed, causing serious psychological impact on children.

       In order to care for the children’s growth and help the children in disaster-stricken areas for psychological counseling, Lao Niu Foundation donated 1.5 million RMB and cooperated with One Foundation to carry out the project of One Fairyland Children’s Service Station and Amusement Facilities. The project assisted in the construction of 15 child service stations in Nepal and supported their operation; installed recreational facilities for 5 earthquake-stricken schools in Shigatse; and added diversified teaching programs of fun games through teacher training to help over 3,000 children grow up happily.

1496456145662517.jpg1496456143113866.jpg1496456143136122.jpg(7) African Governance Initiave Project

       The intentional cooperation agreement was signed at the end of 2013, and the implementation was delayed due to “Ebola” outbreak. In 2015, the two parties decided on the project implementation plan that our Foundation would donate 1 million pounds and The Tony Blair African Governance Initiave (AGI) would raise 1.542 million pounds to jointly carry out charity projects in Africa. AGI would dispatch staff to provide guidance and advice for the relevant local government departments to improve the living standards of local residents so as to increase the government’s operational capacity and efficiency. The project’s focus has been adjusted to help Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinean governments with elimination of “Ebola” virus and reconstruction after the crisis.

      So far, the most dangerous period of “Ebola” has ended. AGI team has helped Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to design a new “Ebola” outbreak response mechanism and establish prevention and control measures with stronger future emergency response. Meanwhile, the team has also planned and implemented electricity, energy, agriculture, education and other projects for the local, expecting to help more than 20 million local people get rid of poverty and promote economic and social development.